Affirmations and the use of positive declarations can change your life but they won’t be that effective until you start using them the right way. The first thing to do with affirmations is to design them as statements. Put them in writing even though you’re sure to not forget them.

There are two main types of affirmations. Affirmations can be either personal and or professional.

Your affirmation statements must possess the Organizing Mindset Mastery (OMM) 4Ps qualities.

They should not just be positive statements, make sure the statements carry the OMM 4Ps qualities of purpose, power, passion and possibility.

PURPOSE: Your affirmations shouldn’t just be statements that you can just throw around to get you to feel good about yourself. They should have the ability to motivate you towards great accomplishments.

POWER: Make sure that your statements are high-energy and straight to the point. They should be able to evoke some level of authority and control in you and awaken your conscious mind.

PASSION: Your statement of affirmation should stir a deep desire in you to accomplish your goals and fulfill your purpose or else they won’t be an effective brain design strategy.

POSSIBILITY: Be careful of writing statements that have no believability. Too-good-to-be-true kind of statements will turn out to be ineffective and ultimately demotivating.

The OMM 3 Categories of Affirmation Statements are the 3 NEW ways to start writing your affirmations today.

  1. Absolute Statements: These are true and factual statements that cannot change irrespective of varying factors and circumstances. They are statements of certainty about the fixed elements of a person’s life and about the qualities we are born with. In OMM, we call them ‘Personality Statements’.
  2. Objective Statements: A statement about something that’s most likely to happen considering all the factors surrounding that thing. These are also known as possibility statements channeled towards our ambitions, purpose and ultimately our goals. They are called ‘Personal Vision Statements’. A company’s vision statement is an example of an objective statement.
  3. Strategic Statements: These statements are goal-oriented or action statements channeled towards our actions, activities and tasks. These statements deal with specificities. They can be called ‘Personal Mission Statements’. A company’s mission statement is an example of a strategic statement.

You are created with many unique qualities (Absolute Statements confirmed), therefore you can be anything and a lot of things (Objective Statements confirmed) but you cannot do everything (Strategic Statements confirmed).

The OMM 3 Categories of Affirmation Statements have their individual unique beginning phrases

Absolute statements start with the unique phrase ‘‘I AM’’

Absolute Statement samples:

I am a creative genius

I am a problem solver

I am result-oriented

I am laser-focused

I am purposeful

I am highly intelligent

I am detailed

I am forgiving

I am healthy

I am peaceful

I am loving

I am joyful

I am patient

I am powerful

I am highly valuable

I am energetic

I am beautiful

I am a force of nature

I am charming

I am graceful

I am eloquent

I am fearless

I am blessed

I am favored

I am successful

I am courageous

I am a great wife

I am an amazing mom

I am a brilliant entrepreneur

I am an excellent service provider

I am a committed worker

I am an exceptional team player



Objective Statements start with the unique phrase ‘‘I CAN’’

Objective Statement samples:

I can create the life of my dreams

I can get on Forbes list

I can build a fortune 500 company

I can help others succeed

I can change the world

I can create a solution for an XYZ type of need

I can solve an XYZ type of problem in the world



Strategic Statements start with the unique phrase ‘‘I WILL’’

Strategic Statement samples:

I will attract the right people

I will create a six-figure income business

I will increase my worth by XYZ amount

I will master a new skill by XYZ date

I will develop a better mindset habit

I will start an XYZ type of business

I will create an ABC solution for an XYZ type of problem


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